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    1. Amethyst helpyou gain your fitness objective


    Looking for shedding few kilos? Well, Amethyst makes it easy by maintaining a perfect balance of metabolism in your body. Its crystal power will help you get rid of your poor habits by enhancing the positive side in you by assisting self-soothing before you even turn to unhealthy habits. So keep them around during your workout or yoga for experiencing some real positive energy!



    1. Amethyst helps you reduce unwanted stress


    Stressing over little things, are we? Amethyst is a perfect stone to help you reduce stress and anxiety. Its soothing energy will notably help calm all the pain.


    1. Amethyst makes you Innovative


    Amethyst promotes out of the box thinking and idea generation! Try keeping them around your desk and you will witness the positiveness in you.

    It aids immersion of new ideas and puts thoughts into action!



    1. 4. Amethyst aids good sleep


    Time to catch up on all those zzzz. Amethyst helps by absorbing all negative energies that could be affecting your sleep. Moreover, it also helps in healing of insomnia and nightmares. Keeping Amethyst by your side or in your pillowcase while you sleep awakens your instinctive abilities and provides good quality sleep.


    1. 5. Amethyst helps in Enhancing Love


    Amethyst is also called as the Stone of Saint Valentine. It helps in developing a deep connection with your soulmate as it gives a vow of Fidelity. It enhances understanding which helps in strengthening relationships.


    1. 6. Amethyst boostyour patience level


    “Have patience with all things, But first of all with yourself”, they say. Amethyst keeps our mind calm and strong which eventually culminates more patience within us.



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