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    What are Citrine Gemstones?

    The word CITRINE is originated from the French word “CITRON” which means Lemon, because of its yellow pale color. The name citrine replaced the standard name of “yellow quartz” in 1556. It has a unique trigonal shape. 

    The yellow hues of citrine symbolize the spiritual qualities of joy, abundance and transmutation.


    Why are Citrine yellow in color?

    Because of the presence of iron in them. 

    When did Citrine gained popularity?

    This stone gained popularity between  300 and 150 B.C. as a decorative gem.

    Later QUEEN VICTORIA used to make a statement in her costumes.

    It was worn by some Scottish people to decorate the handles of swords and daggers.

    Why Citrine is said to be the vitamin C of the soul?

    Citrine vibrates with joy and positivity. It gives you a feeling of a sunny day making you feel optimistic about life. Citrine is also called as the Stone of Success because it was believed that it would broaden the mind.

    Meditation with Citrine

    Meditating using this crystal helps with manifesting a goal. It activates the thinking processes, and brings images forward from the deep mind. It releases negative energy and attracts abundance.

    How to clean them?

    If we want to get the highest levels of healing then it is necessary to keep our crystal clean and charged. You can Simply clean your crystal with lukewarm soapy water or any jewelry cleaner and dry thoroughly. Try not to expose your crystal to too much direct heat  as it doesn’t require any additional warmth.

    Common Name




    Refractive Index



    Translucent- Transparent



    Chemical Formula



    Sacral/ Solar Plexus Chakra




    Emotional and Spiritual Benefits of Citrine

    Acts as a Manifesting stone: Manifestation here in reference to crystal means that a person can project their intentions into the stone and the crystal absorbs their desire, need, dreams and help them to make it a reality. Citrine is also known as success stone and Merchant stone as it brings abundance and success in your business and career and helps you to protect your wealth.

    A happy stone: it also brings happiness to the person who carries or wears it because of the removal of negative energy and its own positivity can relieve depression, self doubt, anger and irrational mood swings. This crystal will draw out the negative energies in your life and brings the peace and quiet that you need.

    Physical Benefits of Citrine:

    These crystals help to balance the thyroid and may energize the thymus gland. It can improve the function of the endocrine gland and help relieve constipation. It is said to aid in the treatment of diseases related to the urinary tract, kidneys and digestive system. It improves the hormonal balance of your body as hormones play an important role in our body. It may assist with weight loss and boost reduction of cellulite. It also helps in detoxifies your body.

    MetaPhysical Properties of Citrine:

    It is associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra which is the home of our personal power, our confidence and our motivation. It will help to release blockages within your chakra. Citrine clears up your chakras and promotes wealth, prosperity, and success. Furthermore, Citrine promotes motivation and stimulates your brain which gives strength to the intellect.

    Types of Citrine:

    (1) Natural Citrine: This variety of quartz has colors of yellow, orange. These are more expensive than the heat treated citrine

    (2) Heat Treated Citrine: They are also known as burnt Amethyst as these crystals are formed when  Amethyst undergoes heat treatment.

    (3) Smoky Citrine: Variation of citrine with some smoky quartz.

    The more saturated the color the better and an even tone across the surface makes for a higher valued gemstone.

    How is citrine different from Yellow Quartz?

    Lemon Quartz is a lighter yellow color variety of citrine where Citrine has brown, orange tints to it.

    The only difference between these two stones is the saturation and tone of their colour.


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