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500 Grams of Quartz with cherry like inclusions | 40-50pcs

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Quartz with cherry-like inclusions is a stunning variation of quartz that features tiny, cherry-red inclusions resembling miniature fruits suspended within the crystal. These captivating inclusions, often resembling small floating orbs or droplets, create a striking contrast against the clear or milky quartz background, adding a unique and playful touch to the stone's appearance. This distinctive variety of quartz is prized for its whimsical and eye-catching aesthetics, making it a cherished gemstone among collectors and those seeking a distinct and charming addition to their jewelry or crystal collection.
  • Completely untreated and untouched.  
  • Each piece is intuitively picked and well-polished 
  • None of them are coated with resin/dyed 
  • All pieces are well-shaped with no cracks 

Size range: 1" Inch to 4 " Inches

Each box weighs 500 Gram in total and has approximately 40-50 Pcs

Retail price: 500$-600$ Per Kilo

500 Grams of Quartz with cherry inclusions - The LabradoriteKing
500 Grams of Quartz with cherry like inclusions | 40-50pcs

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