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    500 Grams of Chinese writing stone /Polar Jade | 1 to 3 Inches | 40-50 Pcs

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    100% Natural and untreated 

    • Completely untreated and untouched.  
    • Each piece is intuitively picked and well-polished 
    • None of them are coated with resin/dyed 

    Sizes: 1 Inches to 3 Inches

    1. Unique Appearance: Chinese writing stone is known for its distinctive dark, angular patterns resembling Chinese characters.

    2. Geological Origin: It's a form of basalt, often formed from volcanic activity and etched by mineral-rich waters over time.

    3. Namesake: Named for its resemblance to ancient Chinese script, it's also called "polar jade" due to its rare coloration.

    4. Metaphysical Beliefs: Some associate it with grounding, balance, and inner peace in crystal healing and meditation.

    5. Collectible and Decorative: Chinese writing stone is prized by collectors and used for carvings, sculptures, and ornamental items due to its unique aesthetics.

    500 Grams of Chinese writing stone /Polar Jade | 1 to 3 Inches | 40-50 Pcs

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    Best grade polishing are found in all gemstones here. They are further hardwashed after every process. We believe, One better stone is better than two!

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    All gemstones are sourced from conflict free mines. Our techniques and tools are all safe and environmental friendly

    100% Natural and Earth Mined

    We sell only natural earth mined gemstones.

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